Wengie’s Morning Routine 2016

Wengie’s morning routine 2016 includes a list activites that she does from the time she wakes up in the morning until she leaves her home for the day. These activites include making her staple breakfast, moisturizing her face to putting on clothes.


Wengie starts her day by being awoken by her alarm clock. She stated that waking up in the morning is difficult and she prefers to not use the snooze button because it only makes her more tired. She arises from her bed and proceeds to the bathroom to brush her teeth.


She brushes her teeth and proceeds with a mouthwash. She then uses a lip moisturizer due to her lips becoming dry after using the toothpaste. The next step in her routine is preparing breakfast.


Wengie prepares a microwaved vegetable soup every morning that consists of a vegetable stock, chopped mushrooms and tomatoes. She simply throws these ingredients into a microwave safe bowl until the vegetables are lightly steamed. She removes the bowl from the mircowave and tops it with avocado slices and spinach leaves.


After her breakfast as been made, she heads over to a corner in her loft near a large window. Here she watches inspirational morning videos while she eats her breakfast. She stated that she prefers to avoid checking social media in the morning to prevent cluttering her mind.


Once her breakfast is finished, she proceeds to her bedroom and makes her bed, which she states that her cat really enjoys.


Wengie then describes her skin care routine. She starts off by using a toner to clear away dirt and oil. She claims that over cleansing your face is not good and should be avoided. After the toner, she uses a moisturizer and a sunscreen by a makeup brand that she prefers. She then does her makeup and starts off with a BB cream foundation.


She contours her face, curls her lashes, uses mascara, colors in her brows and uses a mild colored lip gloss. For her hair, she simply lets down the braids that were in her hair the night before for a wavy look.


She then puts on a light summer outfit consisting of shorts and a light top.

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