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Why Join Traveling Vineyard in Napa Valley

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Napa Valley is popularly known for its wine. The area grows some of the best grapes worldwide. Napa offers more than wine to its tourists and newcomers. Traveling vineyard wine guides can participate in other fun activities besides drinking wine.

Things to Do in Napa Valley

The Napa art walk is the home for 3-D arts. This known event features the artwork of creative minds from artists across the country. Tourists can buy the sculptures to fund future shows. At Napa valley historical society, the history buffs will learn about how the geographical site looked like centuries ago. The organization consolidates past data and educates the public about the culture of residents.

The fertile grounds in Napa are ideal for growing olives. Round Pond Estate produces high-quality Mediterranean olives using old-world approaches. They deal with craft and traditional olive oils that contain different herbs, spices, fruits, or flowers. Olive mill hosts will take you through the processing process. Silverado Cooking School offers cooking classes to newcomers willing to cook dishes that match the great wine.

Auberge Spa provides relaxing services through their intense baths and therapeutic massages. The resort has yoga classes, hiking, biking, painting lessons, and hot air balloon riding recreational activities. Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is the home for all wildlife lovers. Take an exciting adventure to enjoy the California weather and taste wine from outside. The geographical site has gorgeous sceneries like majestic mountains, inspiring tree lines, blue sky, and rolling hills.

Joining Traveling Vineyard gives you the right to run a profit-generating project in the wine land. Traveling Vineyard wine guides plan wine tasting for clients. You receive payment for describing the complex flavors and approving food pairings. The process helps the tasters to choose any wine from the winery.

About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard business model provides a successful profession different from the traditional 9-to-5 model. The wine guides offer relaxed and free in-home tastings of exclusive wine at the firm. Guests benefit from procedures as they can sample some delicious wines without paying. Guides control their work schedules, environment, and income. The staff enjoys extensive training and excellent support from the company.

Joining the team enables you to receive online training from experienced mentors. The home-based business strategy, incentive trips, fun events, and genuine financial successes have contributed to the growth of Traveling Vineyard. Their presence on social pages helps in marketing their services worldwide. The platforms enable them to interact with their clients as they educate newcomers about the services offered.

Traveling Vineyard History

Traveling Vineyard was established in 2001. Richard Libby and other developers acquired the assets of the traveling firm in November 2010 to restart it. As of 2017, Traveling Vineyard has more than 5,000 wine guides in over 40 states in the US.

Get Affordable Skin Care With EOS

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Prove to your skin you care with the use of new to the industry EOS products. Thousands of wearers worldwide trust their brand simply from recognizing their packaging because they never had a logo. Customers know their small pastel circular tubes for being packed with power, see also It is always safe to use shea, and jojoba everyday. Their products are made for customers who are looking for an organic formula. Get great skin when you need it, and protect your skin from extreme exposure to the sun, and UV rays. Choose your favorite brand from select retailers like Costco, and Rite Aid. Read more cool stories here on

Indulge in great flavors unmatched by their competitors including Mint, and Lemon. Give your lips the advantage of EOS lip balm products. They continue to grow in popularity with young adults, and teens. Take advantage of a product that is easy to use from the package. Leap Bunny approved, and hypoallergenic, you can use their products every day. EOS lip balm products are unmatched by other leading brands, and continues to disappearing off the shelves. Make amazing EOS products like Evolution of Smooth a daily part of your beauty care regimen. Take advantage of their free shipping and promotional offers by visiting the EOS website today for details.

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Another Bright idea from EOS

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Eos evolution of smooth has just dropped and innovative collector that’s great for every woman’s beauty regimen! A vegan crystal lip balm. That’s right a crystal lip balm. Yes, that means you can see through this amazing product! Evolution of Smooth is surely making a new name for themselves in a spectacular way by creating this vegan lip balm, see also Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. EOS drops a clear vegan lip balm by dropping the beeswax as an ingredient which was the only ingredient keeping the balm from being a vegan product. Now everyone are going bonkers over this and for a pretty good reason, besides the obvious $5.49 Crystal Balms are flying off the shelves at major retailers today including Wal-Mart and Target… Crystal Balms were released on their website on August 4th, and sold out the very same day. The EOS crystal Balms can also be picked up at your local pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens available in 2 scents Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach with 17 ingredients including a special transparent shea butter, coconut, avocado, and other natural oils. EOS is definitely a best seller. Order your favorite flavored lip balm here on

EOS makes effective beauty products lip balms, hand and body lotion, and shaving cream products just to name a few. All of these products are packed with healthy vitamins and natural skin conditioning oils also available at major retailers . Let’s face it EOS is a very popular product that women cannot live without. Chapstick doesn’t stand a chance in the ring up against Evolution of smooth lip balm. About 7 years ago little pastel colored orbs where starting to pop up everywhere and famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, & Christina Aguilera were seen whipping this remarkable lip balm out of their purses. Advertised in beauty and fashion magazines the lip balm surpasses all other lip balms excluding Burt’s bees. So what are you waiting for? These Balms are being purchased like every minute! Go get your Crystal Balm in before it’s too late!


Get Sultry Lips For Less With EOS Lip Balm Products

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There are many cool EOS flavors to choose from, and they’re becoming popular among teens, and young adults. They were craving an organic formula with the promise of retaining their youthful appearance. Secure a super moist look on the go at a price that is affordable for every budget. Give your skin a glow up with the top ancients old secret. EOS products also give you a way to heal, and repair the skin from the effects of extreme wind, and sun exposure. Say goodbye to your once dry chaff skin with the superior benefits of EOS products. Find out more details here on

If you’re looking for a popular brand, Evolution of Smooth is winning over their wearers with cool circle packaging that is easy to find at the bottom of cluttered purse. Industry celebrities love the trendy flavors including Lemon Drop, and Mint Kisser to name a few, check it here at You can find your favorite brand on the beauty care of select participating retailers. They have been clinically tested to last up to 24 hours. Their hypoallergenic, LEAP Bunny approved products are chosen over other major lip balm brands 10 to 1. Get EOS lip balm products mailed conveniently to your door with exclusive free shipping offers by visiting the Evolution of Smooth website.

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Norman Pattiz Announces New Show On PodcastOne

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Norman Lear is a World War II veteran, as well as a writer, producer, along with the director. He has created legendary sitcoms that include All In The Family, besides Good Times, and One Day at a Time, along with The Jeffersons, and Maude, and many more. These have revolutionized American television. Now Norman Lear is bringing his progressive and booming voice to the microphone. This will be through a weekly podcast. All this was announced by Norman Pattiz who is the founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne


This podcast will be called “All of the Above with Norman Lear.” It will take listeners on a conversation journey that will feature comedy, family issues, current events, as well as music, politics, along with social issues and much more. The topics will cover anything and everything. The show will feature the perspectives of various celebrities, as well as politicians besides other folks. Each week he will be joined by his friend, the great actor, composer, Paul Hipp.


There have been celebrity guests on this podcast. These include Amy Poehler, besides Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as well as Jerrod Carmichael along with America Ferrera. The topics of conversation include the basketball talents possessed by Louis-Dreyfus, the media race with Carmichael, the triathlon training with Ferrera besides religion with Poehler.


The debut of the podcast will be on May 1. There will be new episodes available on every Monday. These will be on, besides the PodcastOne app as well as iTunes. The pre-subscriptions are open for fans.


Norman Lear states that he always wanted to launch a podcast. He is excited about it. Norman Pattiz has always known and admired him for a long time. Hence he is happy to have him in his team.


Norman Pattiz has more than 40 years of experience in the field of radio syndication. He is the Founder of Westwood One. This is the largest provider of news, as well as sports, and entertainment programs, talk shows and traffic programming in America. Westwood One is owning, or managing or distributing NBC radio networks, besides CBS News, as well as CNN radio, along with the Mutual Broadcasting System. It is also managing NFL Football, and NCAA Basketball, along with March Madness, as well as The Super Bowl, and even the Winter and Summer Olympic Games. Next are a range of syndicated music events and talk shows. Learn more:



End Citizens United: The Organization Working To Reform The American Government

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End Citizens United is an organization that was founded by grassroots level entrepreneurs who are working to bring about change in society and who share similar political opinions. The organization came into existence after the Supreme Court of America passed a ruling of the ‘Citizens United.’ According to this ruling, large organizations and companies could invest and donate to political parties without having to account for the money and without any questions.

This created a barrier between the people of the country and the government and only allowed people with a lot of money to pass through that barrier. Because of this, there was widespread discomfort in the minds of the people. The common people living in society started to feel like they did not have any say in matters of the government because they were neither rich nor famous. According to, it has created a social gap between the higher and middle class in the country, which has further divided the citizens rather than uniting them.


Naturally, this ruling caused a lot of problems in the government. For starters, people who were extremely rich started to donate to political parties as a way to get favors done for their businesses. The more money one had, the more pull they would have in the government. Even if people in political parties were against this ruling, they were in some way compelled to pay heed to these requests for fear of not having enough funds to carry out a campaign, resulting in them potentially losing the election. What’s worse is that certain people who had a lot of money started to ‘buy out’ positions in the government, which is what a lot of the individuals in power today have done. There was a lot more corruption going on in the government than the country has ever seen before. The money that was donated to political parties did not have to be accounted for and therefore were exempt from tax. This led to numerous influential people in society using political parties as a money laundering agent, thereby securing their funds.

The ruling was one that brought a lot of injustice and corruption into the system, which is not the direction that the country should be heading into. End Citizens United, therefore, plans to do their bit to bring about change and give the power of the government back to the people. They know how it feels not to have their voices heard but believe that they can achieve their goals as one collective unit. Within a short span of the organization coming into existence, numerous people from all over the country came forward to show their support and help the organization in whatever way they can.

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Lori Senecal Delivers Results In Marketing For Clients

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Lori Senecal is a global chief executive officer at the advertising agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky. She joined the ad agency in 2015 and has made a remarkable impact in a short span of time. Since taking the helm at Crispin Porter + Bogusky she had managed to increase the firm’s revenue by over 20%.


The boost in revenue was achieved through risk taking and ingenuity when crafting marketing campaigns. Mrs. Senecal believes that creativity does not just stem from talent. She believes it is a behavior as well. Below are some of Lori Senecal’s recent marketing campaigns with Crispin Porter + Bogusky that embody creativity and ingenuity.


Crispin Porter + Bogusky worked with with a classified-ad application called Letgo to create the Commercializer tool. It let people create TV-style spots to describe the items that they were selling on Letgo. Since the Commercializer feature was released, Letgo has reached over 45 million downloads of its application.



According to Ad Week, another highly creative campaign done under Lori Senecal‘s leadership is for the basketball video game NBA 2K. After the video game’s release in 2016, the developers there partnered with with CP+B to create a link between player profiles in the video game and on their Fitbit. The link allowed video game players to improve their virtual players in the video game based on how they trained with their Fitbit device. Not only did this move promote exercise, but it also promoted the video game in a positive way as well.


Lori Senecal also helped advise Kraft when they decided to pull artificial ingredients from their macaroni and cheese products. She and others at the company believed that advertising this could actually backfire as parents and health conscious customers could then move away from Kraft products such as their mac and cheese. The advice turned out to be very good advice, reports The Drum. The change by Kraft was captured by many people and media outlets. Kraft did not have to spent any money because there was a massive sum of free media that was generated. This included a major feature on a late night show that highlighted this change.


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CLASSDOJO, the New Teacher in Town!

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ClassDojo is a classroom stage for parents, students, as well as teachers that helps promote communication in the classroom. It enables students, teachers, and parents to connect, support and develop student skills. This platform can also help students in the development of major skills like working with others and the act of empathy, through real-time teacher-to-student feedback via the web and mobile devices.

The platform initiation entails teacher’s registration in order to acquire a free account and then to create “classes” with their students. Students have to access the program using an access code initially, and after creating an account, learners can be able to customize avatars, see classes, and see individual progress.

Classdojo is made accessible to parents through teacher invitation, and they also get to witness their child’s progress along with the information put across by the teachers. Students are rewarded through positive feedback when the teacher is impressed with the task or activity in class. Communication between teachers and parents is made easier as they communicate directly through this platform.

ClassDojo is available as a web application accessible to any device that has a web browser and also iPhone (iOS) and Android apps. The company intends on keeping the main platform free for teachers to promote the use of ClassDojo in classroom setups and to encourage not only learning, but also character-building and skill development.

CalssDojo was launched by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, and in less than a year of launching, the app has been pretty active garnering up to 3.5 million users in over 30 countries. ClassDojo launched its first ever Android app in 2014 with the option of different native languages later that year. A messaging function was added allowing direct group communication between teachers and parents.

In 2016 ClassDojo joined forces with Stanford University and released a five-part series of learning videos that discuss growth attitude. The series was a big deal within America, and many students related to it. ClassDojo has been able to reach at least a percentage of millions of kids globally every day.

Greg Secker The Youngest Forex Trader

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Greg Secker was born on February 18, 1975, and is a famous businessman. He is a very famous expert in foreign exchange and has received special attention globally in the field of financial trading. He has written several training books that are focused on training people on how to train people how to trade forex successfully. The books include Financial Freedom Through Forex and also Trading your Way to Success. He has also contributed to the writing of The Book of Success; Everything you ever wanted to know about success. He has also founded several companies including Capital Index, Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software and FX Capital. He also founded a Non-Governmental Organization in 2010 called The Greg Secker Foundation. His initiative has helped so many people with certain needs. He has invested a lot of money towards helping those in need.

Greg Secker is a graduate of the University of Nottingham and studied Food Science and Agriculture. He was in England a town called Norfolk. When in school, he used to sell computers and in the process he learned how to do coding. He became a great expert in coding and was employed by Thomas Cook Financial Services as a coding expert. He helped the company towards developing a trading platform which was the first foreign currencies virtues platform. He was awarded for his innovation by British Telecom Award for his innovation in coding such a platform successfully. He later left for Mellon Financial Corporation and assumed his duties as the vice president at age 25. He started achieving greatly at a very young age. When working and dealing with the systems of Thomas Cook Financial Services, he used to observe how profit used to be generated and how people used to trade. He developed his own strategies and later left to work on his own in his living room. He started moving out to seminars and workshops and met great traders. That is when he garnered the coura\ge to speak to crowds and has so far trained people in more than 6000 meetings. He is today a very successful trader and speaker.


Daniel Taub Is An Advocate For Peace

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Daniel Taub was born in Britain in 1962. He declares his heritage to be Israeli, where he proudly announces his Jewish faith. After thirty years in the United Kingdom, he went to Israel and became the Ambassador to that country. When he first met the Queen, he introduced himself as the Ambassador to Israel, and he wore hi Kippah with pride.

He had a strong will to bring the two countries together. Some of the Jewish people thought that he had done just that. In the middle of crisis, Daniel Taub would present Israel’s case to the government.

He would meet with dignitaries, have interviews on such television shows as the Today Show and News night. He would also have sessions with business men and women and those in the academic arena. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://דניאלטאוב

His ultimate goal was to try and bring the two countries together. He, and other members of the Jewish community, believed that he had actually done just that. Because of his efforts, relations between Israel and The United Kingdom are probably better than it has ever been.

Britain, for Israel, plays a critical role in Europe because its media is the world’s media. It holds the title for being the world wide financial center. Taub felt that his role there was to help the people understand where Israel was at that point and where the leadership of the nation was headed.

Daniel Taub spoke of the cooperation that had been achieved even through the Middle East Crisis, Gaza and the ISIS situation. Through the turmoil of these crisis, hae had to determine what side to take advantage of and what challenges the country would face as a result.

He knew of the consequences that might have incurred with a lack of humility. There had to be an agreement between the nations. If Iran agreed, they could have their desired nuclear capabilities in ten years.

As Ambassador to Israel, Taub had the responsibility of peace maker for all of the Middle East countries. He worked diligently with his associates who also had concerns about the nations. He did praise the United States for having a relationship with Israel that could not be compared to any other.

The United States was still providing Israel with technologies. To conclude his interview, he stated “I am not ambassador to the Jewish community, but to the Court of St. James…” His retirement was a disappointment for many in the Jewish community.

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Daniel Taub