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Karl Heideck’s take on hiring process law in Philadelphia

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In Philadelphia, there is the issue of employers trying to get information on prospective employees’ past salaries. Contributing on the issue recently, Attorney Karl Heideck outlined some challenges that are encountered to enforce the legislation to bar employers from asking about those seeking for jobs previous salaries. Philadelphia earned a lot of respect in January when the legislation was mentioned because it became the first Municipality to pass a ban on employers asking to know past crucial information of job seekers. Worker’ rights advocates received the decision with jubilation because it made the hiring process more transparent. Karl Heideck argued that the law’s aim is closing the gender gap since men have been known to earn more than women. Additionally, prospective employers never like to increase salaries to new women job seekers.

Karl Heideck was however categorical that not all Philadelphia employers opposed the legislation. He noted that some viewed the law as a positive way to bring equality to the workplace. One of the most opponents of the legislation was The Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce who filed a case in court to delay the implementation of the law. Karl Heideck was following the suit in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. He challenged the decision by the Philadelphia Chamber of commerce by saying that even if they cited some reasons that would harm the businesses, it was not easy for them to overturn the legislation. Karl Heideck added that it legal counsels would be required to be present during hiring processes to oversee the question asked. He said that businesses would make sure they consult the legal counsel to avoid court cases that may arise after the hiring process.

Karl Heideck is a practicing Attorney who practices in Philadelphia and specializes in litigation, compliance and risk management and is a member of Hire council since 2015. He offers advice on compliance consulting, risk management advising and matters of litigation; he is an expert in employment proceedings, commercial litigation, corporate law and product liability. Karl Heideck is also a writer and owns a blog where he covers legal news especially concerning Pennsylvania.

Karl Heideck has an undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College he got in 2003. He graduated from Temple University in 2009 where he earned a degree in law from James E. Beasley School of Law. Karl Heideck’s working experience has a long working. In Philadelphia, he has worked for over ten years, helps him to solve complex matters from his clients.

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