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Women Empowerment in Dallas

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Nexbank among the top 15 largest banks in Texas with its headquarters in Dallas. It has grown to be top 200 largest banks in the United States of America with over eighty employees in three different locations that are; Nexbank, SSB at 2515 Mckinney Ave, Suite 1100, Preston Center Branch 6121 Luther Lane, 2515, and Mckinney Branch at Mckinney Avenue, Suite 1700 all in Dallas. It has Due to its efficient service delivery and favorable rates; it has attained an A health rating and a 3X money market ratings.

The Luncheon is scheduled to be held at Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. Its primary purpose is to motivate and gear up women towards getting more involved in economic activities. Among the keynote speakers are the best selling author and prominent scientist Dr. Hope Jahren. The keynote address was broadcasted live across Texas to reach over 10000 students across 20 schools. The luncheon is held every year with a sole purpose of reaching and enriching more girls and women towards financial empowerment and capacity building.

Throughout the luncheon, which is the world largest women fund and regional empowerment programme, more girls and women are introduced to the world of business. They are inspired and taught how to work towards self-reliance and financial freedom. In the program, women are provided with a platform to engage in entrepreneurial activities and are guided throughout their growth.

NexBank is a household and business bank under the Umbrella of Nexbank Capital, Inc financial company. It was commissioned in 1922 and is currently has assets of net worth $6.4 billion. It provides institutional banking, commercial and mortgage banking to satisfy business niche and clientele needs which are not limited to companies, financial institutions, and institutional clients.

Its commercial banking service includes; credit services, commercial lending, commercial real estate lending, treasury management, and agency services.

  • Its mortgage banking services include; Wholesale and correspondent lending, and warehouse lending.
  • Its Institutional services include; Public fund, real estate advisory, investment banking, financial institutions and treasury management


Get A Responsible Financial Institution To Hold Your Money

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Are you tired of excessive fees with your current financial institution? NexBank minimizes the fees with innovative features that attracts customers and keeps the cost of banking with them low. Their minimal costs has accumulated over 246,000+ online customers during the past year. NexBank is proudly based in Dallas, Texas and is operated by CEO, John Holt. At a recent financial convention, Holt expressed the need to expand the general counsel to serve his clients and the opportunity to add additional leadership executives that will act on the Board of Directors. Join thousands of others that trust their hard earned money with a leading financial institution.

Amazingly, NexBank is secured by $40 billion dollars in assets and their customers can rest assured that they’re dealing with a secure bank. In a recent effort to raise capital, Holt and his colleagues were able to add $2.4 million dollars to their financial portfolio. They have also been able to help students and parents save on their college tuition with over 1,700+ college savings programs to choose from. On average, students can save up to 36% and reduce the amount of student loan debt that they would have to acquire.

NexBank Features

– Free direct deposit

– Online bill pay options

– Free checks

– Mortgage accounts

– IRA accounts

and more…

There is a friendly professional standing by to give you 24/7 customer service access to your account. You can check your money from anywhere, anytime, from most electronic devices. Get a reliable account that allows you to gain interest on your hard earned money with an interest bearing savings account. Join the thousands of others that have chosen NexBank as a reliable source to house their money. Discover true financial growth today.