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Jorge Moll from D’Or Institute of Research and Education

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Jorge Moll has always had a big heart. He is ambitious, and his goal was to help people afflicted with diseases and sicknesses that prevented them from living their lives to the fullest. He has found a way to help people over, and over again. Jorge speaks English, as well as Portuguese!


What Inspired Jorge to Create D’Or Institute of Research and Education?

His love and enthusiasm for helping people is the main part of what inspired him into creating this research and education institute. But, he was also wanting to develop a way to help his country receive better research and education opportunities. He came up with the grand idea of creating a business that focuses around these issues that his country once lacked access to, check this out.


Jorge Moll’s Extended Education

Federal University of Rio de Janiero, Brazil

São Paulo University

  • He obtained his MD in Neuroscience
  • He finished his medical residency in Neurology here, as well


What Does the Typical Day of Jorge Moll’s Consist Of?

  • He obtained his P.h.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology here

When he is not spending quality time with his family, he is working. He has many, many meetings to attend to. This is his time to get new ideas as well as collaborate with all walks of life – from scientists to students. He is always trying to keep the ideas flowing! See more.


What Kind of Experience Has Jorge Moll Had?

  • He was a Research Fellow at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke from July 2004 – February 2007
  • Visiting Research Scholar at Stanford University from December 2015 – January 2016
  • President at the Institute of Research and Education from 2007 – Present
  • He is also currently a Partner at VHM Ventures (started in March of 2017)

Jorge Moll is a very well educated man who is very passionate about helping all of the people he can. He is very smart, and is always wanting to learn more. Jorge Moll is always open to new ideas, concepts, methods and to constantly learn how to improve himself, click for more info.

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