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Rodrigo Terpins Is No Terrapin

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Driving fast seems to be in the blood of the Terpins family. The love of racing started with older brother Michel Terpins, a famous scholar and even more famous Brazilian Rally driver. It is no small wonder, then, that Rodrigo Terpins went on to seek success in the thrilling sport of Rally driving.

He has developed such a love and skill that he has already achieved wins in five Sertoes rallies, all by the age of 40. He has stated in previous interviews that he attributes much of the success due to being raised in a family that placed a high priority in sports. Not only is his brother a famous Rally driver, but their father was a famous Brazilian basketball player.

To capitalize on the success of Rodrigo Terpins and his brother, the company MEM Motorsport has developed a unique and highly-specialized racing vehicle that has been dubbed “T-Rex.” The most recent race that Rodrigo Terpins took part in was the 22nd Sertoes. While not finishing in first, Terpins and his team managed to still come in third place, a very noble ending indeed.

The Sertoes is a 2600 Km race which takes the participants across two states and sees them travel over seven different rigorous courses which are designed to test the resolve of all drivers and teammates involved. Rodrigo Terpins has stated that he hopes to participate in this race again and will conquer the race the next time he partakes in it. Knowing Rodrigo Terpins, these are not just words of bragging. Check out marketresearchtech

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Rodrigo Terpins was unable to compete in the Cuesta off-road championship. However, he has stated to the press that he hopes that he and his team are able to compete again as soon as possible.

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