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Jeffry Schneider: A Man Who’s Not Afraid to Tackle New Challenges

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Considering the vast range of current and past accomplishment to which Jeffry Schneider can lay claim, it’s easy to see why he’s been called a man who’s unafraid of tackling new challenges head-on. From competing in New Zealand’s Ironman Competition of 2005, to spending 17 years honing his expertise in securities and investment, Jeffry remains constantly focused on pushing the envelope. Best of all, with each new win, he’s a man who remains dedicated to helping others. In fact, he’s currently a contributor to a number of well-known charities.

Jeffry Schneider’s Professional History

Jeffry Schneider is a graduate of University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Following his academic career, Schneider dove headfirst into the world of finance and spent 17 years working for a number of top-level financial service agencies while learning more about investments and building strong relationships with an expansive network of clients. Throughout this time, Schneider even developed and honed skills in management analysis that would make him effective at both leading businesses and forming them. It’s not surprising then that Jeffry went on to form his own company in 2007.

Jeffry Schneider The Fitness Pro

Although his professional accomplishments in the securities and investment industry are downright legendary, he has attained accolades in the areas of fitness and health that are certainly nothing to sneeze at. A competitor in the Ironman Triathlon, Schneider has participated in a challenging race that includes a 112-mile bicycle ride, a 2.4-mile swim, and a run spanning a full 26.2 miles. He was able to complete all of these things, without stopping t break. This is among one of the most challenging, single-day athletic events in the entire world.

Schneider, however, didn’t stop there. He’s additionally taken part in challenges in Saint Croix, Florida, Chile, California and Texas. Jeffry makes a point of striving to reach his fitness goals with the same single-mindedness and determination that he applies to his professional endeavors. He is tireless, committed to persevering, and driven to surpass all records and expectations. It is these very attributes that have consistently positioned him as a leader in every aspect of his life. The same persistence and practice that allowed him to succeed in world-famous athletic competitions have made him equally successful in the financial industry.

The Beginnings That Fostered the Dedication And Ambition Of Today

Having grown up in Manhattan, New York, Schneider was able to participate in a very diverse array of sports throughout his formative years. This industrious and multi-talented business owner can attribute his early dedication and ambition to the challenges of swimming, biking, running and weightlifting. Moreover, Schneider continues to use the discipline of physical exercise to benefit him in other areas of life. In fact, he can still be found pounding the pavement on the Town Lake trail of Austin as a regular runner. Moreover, he is outspoken about his commitment to eating healthy and ensuring that all members of his team have access to both  nutrient-dense foods and ample options in personal fitness.