Dental Care and Sleep Apnea Expert; Dr. Avi Weifogel

The typical everyday routine of Dr. Avi is getting to the office at 6 a.m and immediately engrosses into a one-hour prayer session. After praying, Dr. AVI chit-chats with his counselor for another complete hour. This done before any work formalities prove to be the recipe for an excellent work day for renowned doctor Dr.Avi Weisfogel.

Dr. Avi is a dentist and also the proud owner of Dental Sleep Masters. He is an expert with vast knowledge on sleep disorders and their treatment. Initially, Avi was simply a qualified dentist, but in the incubation stages of his career, he developed an interest in the sleep medicine world which he later ventured into fully. He helps identify patients with the disorders and helps them through treatment and eventually recovery.

Avi Weifogel points out that the major backbone to his productivity is the positive criticism he gets and also doing what he does best over and over again. This is a booster to his career giving him strength and room for improvement. Dr. Avi is a social individual who is enthusiastic about working with people all over the world and also with other disciplines for exposure. Click here to watch video.

Dr. Weifogel is part of the major GoFundMe campaign that funds surgical operations for children, therefore, having the satisfaction of every child having a healthier and brighter future. This gives hope to many especially those with disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with effective solutions.

Since the commencing of his career in January 1996, Dr. Avi ensures that he delivers excellent cosmetic dental and sleep disorder solutions to his clients. He is a graduate of the New York University College of Dentistry where he got a DDS and at Rutgers University where he earned a BA in Biology and Psychology. Avi’s dedication, passion, and aspirations are a perfect revelation that he offers the best solutions to dental care needs and sleep disorders.


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