End Citizens United: The Organization Working To Reform The American Government

End Citizens United is an organization that was founded by grassroots level entrepreneurs who are working to bring about change in society and who share similar political opinions. The organization came into existence after the Supreme Court of America passed a ruling of the ‘Citizens United.’ According to this ruling, large organizations and companies could invest and donate to political parties without having to account for the money and without any questions.

This created a barrier between the people of the country and the government and only allowed people with a lot of money to pass through that barrier. Because of this, there was widespread discomfort in the minds of the people. The common people living in society started to feel like they did not have any say in matters of the government because they were neither rich nor famous. According to usatoday.com, it has created a social gap between the higher and middle class in the country, which has further divided the citizens rather than uniting them.

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Naturally, this ruling caused a lot of problems in the government. For starters, people who were extremely rich started to donate to political parties as a way to get favors done for their businesses. The more money one had, the more pull they would have in the government. Even if people in political parties were against this ruling, they were in some way compelled to pay heed to these requests for fear of not having enough funds to carry out a campaign, resulting in them potentially losing the election. What’s worse is that certain people who had a lot of money started to ‘buy out’ positions in the government, which is what a lot of the individuals in power today have done. There was a lot more corruption going on in the government than the country has ever seen before. The money that was donated to political parties did not have to be accounted for and therefore were exempt from tax. This led to numerous influential people in society using political parties as a money laundering agent, thereby securing their funds.

The ruling was one that brought a lot of injustice and corruption into the system, which is not the direction that the country should be heading into. End Citizens United, therefore, plans to do their bit to bring about change and give the power of the government back to the people. They know how it feels not to have their voices heard but believe that they can achieve their goals as one collective unit. Within a short span of the organization coming into existence, numerous people from all over the country came forward to show their support and help the organization in whatever way they can.

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