Eric Lefofsky on Tempus and What’s Close to His Heart

The idea behind Tempus is that the company works to help people who have cancer. On one side of the company, Lefofsky works to help families and the people who have the diagnoses deal with the disease. On the other side of the company is the professional geneticist who is working to come up with solutions for the disease. They are not only working together for a cure but are also working to help make the way of living with cancer much more tolerable for the people who have it. Mr Eric Lefofsky knows that this is important because he has been through the disease with his wife. He was personally touched by cancer and knew that it was his duty to make sure that people were going to be able to make sure that things would work better for everyone who had the disease. While dealing with cancer, Eric Lefofsky came up with the idea for Tempus.

Even though Eric had been very successful with his business and was actually able to retire early, that didn’t mean that he wasn’t touched personally by cancer. He knows that it is something that affects everyone and that he is able to get more out of life with the help of a support system. He worked in that way for his wife and that helped her to heal more comfortably. He wanted to make things easier for everyone who had the disease and decided that using the idea behind Tempus was the right way for him to do it. Click here to know more.

Eric Lefofsky was able to retire early initially because of the options that he had. He worked hard on Groupon and made it a very popular option for all people who wanted to save money. While it was successful when it first started out in the Chicago area, it grew exponentially and was eventually able to branch out into different areas. It is now an international company and Lefofsky is able to enjoy the money that has come into him as a result of it. He didn’t know that it would be as successful as what it is.

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