Highland Capital – Ahead of the Curve

To say Highland Capital Management is successful is an understatement. Just last year, their small cap equity fund brought returns of 32% to its investors. The key decision was placing money on energy stocks, which grew substantially in 2016. Nice profits are nothing new for this group.

In 1993, Mark Okada and James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management. Now, with over $15.4 billion in assets, Highland is regarded as a top global alternative credit manager. Not only do they specialize in many conventional investment strategies, such as long-only funds and separate accounts, collateralized loan obligations, and credit hedge funds, they have alternative investments as well, such as emerging markets.

Not only is Highland profitable, but they are also philanthropic. They care about their employees and their communities. Over $10 million has been donated to local community organizations and national non-profit organizations since 2005.

After an unbelievable year in 2016, Highland has their eyes set on a different set of stocks. Michael Gregory, chief investment officer of the small cap equity fund, believes healthcare is the top pick for 2017. Citing an abysmal 2016 year for the stocks, Gregory is investing because a “tremendous rebound” is likely for the healthcare sector.

Gregory’s division is not the only one in Highland Capital Management investing in healthcare. Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd. recently closed a private equity fund, with a primary focus on healthcare, containing $147 million in total capital commitments.

Highland Capital Management seems to always be a step ahead, which in turn, makes them a very successful and profitable company.

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