Some organizations tend to ignore or delay the response to complaints made by their clients. This is quite irritating to the customers and may even force others to quit the organizations. However, with White Shark Media, your complaint or compliment is used to make their services better for you as a customer. The company realized that despite the many compliments, they were also receiving some complaints from their clients. They therefore decided to work on each of the complaints to ensure that they did not occur again.

For example, some clients complained of losing touch with their AdWords Campaigns. This was a result of most of the clients not understanding how the AdWords campaign works. The company offers proper information about the working of AdWords campaigns to their clients before they begin. This ensures that they know where to access a specific keyword or ad. For services that White Shark Media does not offer such as SEO services, the company offers review on the SEO proposals and work provided by the company that the client wants to work with. All the client needs is to send the materials of the SEO company to their SEM strategist who works with the senior staff in evaluating them.

White Shark Media has also greatly improved their client support and communication following the complaints. For example, it sends monthly performance reports to their clients which they review together with their SEM strategist during the online conference held via GoToMeetings. This enables the clients to understand the results and also be educated on strategies that the company intends to use to improve performance. To communicate with the contact person assigned to them, clients are also provided with phone systems through which they can call them directly.

An in-house performance tracking process for AdWords was also initiated when some customers said that they didn’t know how to track performance. White Shark Media installs call tracking, conversion tracking and Google Analytics in some cases, all for free to facilitate this. Call tracking is also important for clients who have majority of their customers making enquiries via phone. This service is possible due to the partnership between White Shark Media and Marchex.

White Shark Media is a leading Digital Marketing Agency that was founded in 2011 by Gary Garth, Alexander Nygart and Andrew Lolk. Given their great experience in both offline and online marketing, they have developed to become one of the only 29 Google AdWords Premier partners in the US. They offer you innovative, cost effective and flat fee marketing solutions. They provide Google Analytics integration, keyword-level call tracking, proprietary reporting software and competitive intelligence. This ensures that you can easily understand your digital marketing strategies and make the most out of it. With White Shark Media, you can worry less about digital marketing.



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